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Friends For Live


Be-At Venues nv (hereinafter, “be•at“) offers frequent visitors to its venues and all lovers of live entertainment a premium loyalty programme: Friends For Live (hereinafter, the “Programme“).

The Programme operates under the conditions described below, unless expressly stated otherwise (hereinafter, the “Programme Rules“). The Programme Rules govern be•at’s relationship with members of the Programme (collectively, “Members”, and individually, a “Member of the Programme” or “Member”), including how membership is ordered and purchased.

Be•at reserves the right to cancel or replace the Programme or transfer ownership of the Programme in good faith. In addition, be•at may also amend the Programme, Programme Rules, Benefits, Prize Structure, Plan Structure, or Programme Procedures at any time. Such modifications will be communicated by e-mail. Be•at will make reasonable efforts to do so in a timely manner, prior to the amendment. If a Member does not accept the amended version of the Programme Rules, they may terminate their membership free of charge.

Following Programme Rules apply when applying for the Friends For Live membership programme:



“Terms and Conditions” are defined as the terms and conditions applicable to the Programme.

“Account” is defined as the Member’s unique user profile on the Programme’s online platform.

“be•at” is defined as the commercial name of Be-At Venues NV, a limited liability company under Belgian law, registered in the Register of Legal Entities section of Antwerp with company number 0461.051.688, with registered office at Schijnpoortweg 119, 2170 Merksem (Antwerp), Belgium.

“Customer Experience Centre” is defined as the service of be•at authorised to provide customer support for the Programme.

“Event” is defined as any event at a Venue of be•at to which Membership Benefits apply.

“Customer” is defined as the natural person ordering, purchasing, or purchasing a Membership. A Customer is basically the same person as the Member for the duration of the Membership.

“Member” is defined as the natural person under whose name a Membership was purchased and to whom a membership number of the Programme has been assigned. Only Members can use the services and benefits of the Programme.

“Member Card” and, or “Card” are defined as the membership card of the Programme (including digital cards), issued and distributed by be•at.

“Subscription date” is defined as the date on which the Membership is purchased and the payment confirmation is received by be•at.

“Programme communications” is defined as the collective term for communications used in the Programme, including but not limited to the following: membership emails, announcements of events where benefits apply, promotional offers, direct mailings, brochures and letters. It is essential communication to members that is an integral part of the programme.

“Programme website” and, or “Website” is the programme’s website,

“Venues of be•at” is defined as all the venues operated by be•at. They include the Sportpaleis Antwerpen, Lotto Arena Antwerpen, Forest National, Trixxo Arena Hasselt, Trixxo Theather Hasselt, Capitole Gent and Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen.

“Benefits” are defined as the services and/or offers to which a Member is entitled during the term of the Membership.

“Venue website” is the website of a venue operated by be•at. It concerns:




1.1.a Upon successful enrolment in the Programme, the Customer agrees to the Programme Rules and accepts that a legally binding agreement is concluded with be•at. When purchasing a membership card, the Customer subscribes to the Programme and thereby agrees to the specific conditions associated with Membership.

1.1.b Members are responsible for reading and understanding the Programme Rules and communications from be•at about the Programme to understand their rights and responsibilities within the Programme. In case of questions regarding the Programme or the Programme Rules, the Member shall contact the Customer Experience Centre.


1.1.1.a A Membership is automatically terminated by be-at at 23:59 Central European (Summer) Time on the Expiry Date. Be•at undertakes to warn the Member well in advance of the approaching Expiry Date via the Programme Communication. Upon such automatic termination, the Client will receive a confirmation via the Programme Communication.

1.1.1.b Be•at has the right to immediately terminate the Membership and exclude it from the Programme for the future if it finds any of the following breaches directly or indirectly:

– providing incorrect, incomplete or misleading data;

– committing or attempting to commit fraud;

– misuse of the Benefits granted to the individual;

– improper conduct or harassment towards employees of be•at or its partners and suppliers;

– improper conduct or harassment towards other Members;

– improper conduct or harassment towards visitors to the Venue;

– improper behaviour when using the Membership;

– violation of the Programme Rules, the general terms and conditions of be•at and, or the Venue’s house rules;


1.1.2.a A Membership can be renewed during its term via the Website. The renewal is actually a new Subscription to a Plan whose start date coincides with the Expiry Date of the current Membership. After renewal, the Member will receive a confirmation via the Programme Communication.



1.2.a The Programme is open to any natural person who (a) is 18 years of age or older; (b) has legal capacity; (c) resides within the European Union; (d) provides valid and accurate personal information when registering; (e) is not already a member of the Programme – including under a different name and/or email address; and (f) has not previously been denied access to the Programme by be•at. Be•at reserves the right to refuse or cancel an order if it reasonably believes that the purchaser does not meet the above conditions.

1.2.b Benefits of the Programme are not transferable, unless expressly stated otherwise. A Membership may never be passed on or resold to third parties without be•at’s prior written consent.

1.2.c When using the Membership, be•at may always request the Member to show a valid ID. If a Member refuses to do so, Benefits may be suspended or this may result in termination of the relevant membership and forfeiture of all Benefits.



1.3.a The sales prices are as indicated at the time the buyer validates the order and as stated in the ordering process.

1.3.b All prices stated are expressed in euros (€), always including VAT and all other taxes or duties that the customer is obliged to bear.

1.3.c If delivery, reservation or administrative costs are charged, this will be stated separately.



1.4.a The Programme can only be ordered online, via the Website.

1.4.b The Card will be delivered to the postal address provided by the Customer.

1.4.c The latest delivery methods, duration and any costs can always be consulted in the online ordering process.

1.4.d For an online purchase, the Customer has the choice between the following payment methods:

  • Via credit card
  • Via debit card



1.5.a The Customer has a period of 14 days from the day after the completion of the contract to revoke the contract. In this case, the Customer is entitled to a full refund of the Membership. However, if the Benefits offered have already been used within this period, regardless of their value, the Customer is only entitled to a refund of half of the Purchase Price.



1.6.a Each Member receives, upon registration, an individual Account, membership number and password allowing online access to the Programme Benefits.

1.6.b The Member is responsible for the confidentiality of the password, the restriction of access to the Account and – more generally – the restriction of access to any device from which connection is made to the Account. Any operation or action performed with the Account is deemed to have been performed by the Member.

1.6.c The information provided by a Member is maintained in the Account. All information provided by a Member must be valid and accurate. The Member is assumed to keep the Account up to date.

1.6.d The Member is responsible for providing be•at with a correct mobile phone number, email and postal address where Card and Programme Communications can be received. If a Member wishes to change the mobile phone number, postal address, and/or email address, the Member must inform be•at in a timely manner through the Programme website or the Customer Experience Centre.

1.6.e Be•at can under no circumstances be held responsible for the submission by the Member of an incorrect mobile phone number, e-mail or postal address, which leads to an incorrect or unknown address of the Member, or for a failure of the network, hardware or software resulting in a limited or delayed provision of data by the Member.





2.1.1.a Participating venues, hereinafter “Venue” or “Venues”, are the concert halls, arenas, theatres and other venues where events take place that are operated by be•at. This includes :

  • Sportpaleis Antwerpen
  • Forest National
  • Lotto Arena Antwerpen
  • Trixxo Arena Hasselt
  • Trixxo Theater Hasselt
  • Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen
  • Capitole Gent


2.1.2.a Generally, all events taking place in the Participating Venues are part of the Programme, except for (1) private events for which admission tickets are not sold publicly, (2) party events with buy-out of drinks, and (3) any event expressly excluded as such by be•at. Be•at may change an event’s participation in the Programme at any time.

2.1.2.b Be•at undertakes to clearly communicate the exclusion of an event from the Programme via the relevant event detail pages on the Venue Website(s).




2.2.1.a. Members will have the opportunity to participate in Programme presales as part of the Programme. These are presales organised exclusively by be•at as part of the Programme.

2.2.1.b. A Programme Presale offers a Member the chance to buy tickets before the start of general ticket sales. Presale tickets are basically the same as those offered during the general sale, but they are offered earlier.

2.2.1.c. Programme Presales always apply to a specific event and have a start and end date.

2.2.1.d. The existence of a Programme Presale does not automatically entitle a member to tickets for that event. Tickets within a Programme Presale must be purchased, as with general sales.

2.2.1.f. Be•at has the right to limit the number of presale tickets available. In this case, presale tickets will be sold as long as they are available.

2.2.1.g. Programme presales, like general sales, are always subject to the sales conditions of the ticketing platform on which the sale takes place.

2.2.1.h. Members receive invitations to Programme Presales via the Programme Communication. These invitations are personal and confidential. The direct or indirect sharing of this content with third parties is strictly prohibited and counts as serious Misuse that may result in termination or exclusion from membership.


2.2.2.a. When tickets are no longer available for an event, be•at may create a waiting list. In case tickets become available again, this list of contacts will be notified by be•at. Under the Programme, Members are given the opportunity to be given priority on the waiting list after signing up. This means that Members will be contacted first in case tickets become available.

2.2.2.b. Members who registered on a waiting list will be notified via Programme communications when tickets become available. From then on, a limited priority period applies. Be•at determines the duration of the priority period and may close it at any time.

2.2.2.c. After the end of the period, other non-members who registered on the waiting list are invited to purchase the (remaining) released tickets.

2.2.2.d. Neither a registration on the waiting list nor an invitation to purchase tickets will be recognised as a valid admission ticket to an event, nor entitles the holder to such an admission ticket.


2.2.4.a Members will receive a personal coupon code upon registration that grants a discount of €10 per package on up to 4 be•at VIP Experiences.

2.2.4.b Be•at VIP Experiences are available via the Venue Website. Coupon codes can be entered in the designated field in the purchase screen.

2.2.4.c Coupon codes for be•at VIP Experiences are personal and confidential. The direct or indirect sharing of this content with third parties is strictly prohibited and counts as serious Misuse that may lead to termination or exclusion from membership.


2.2.5.a Be•at may make promotional offers available to specific groups of Members based on their Programme activity. These include, but are not limited to, event activity or consumption behaviour in the venue. Promotional offers are an integral part of the Programme and will be communicated through the Programme Communication.




2.3.1.a Members may use the Friends For Live Lane for access to a Participating Event. This is another direct access lane to a Venue, reserved for Members.

2.3.1.b Participating Events in the following Venues have, generally speaking, a Friends For Live Lane:

  • Sportpaleis Antwerpen
  • Forest National
  • Lotto Arena Antwerpen
  • Trixxo Arena

The other Venues do not have a Friends For Live Lane.

2.3.1.c Each Member may bring a maximum of three guests with them along the Friends For Live Lane. These guests do not need to have a Member card, but do need to have a valid admission ticket for the event. When using the Friends For Live Lane, guests must be accompanied by the Member at all times. Under no circumstances can the Friends For Live Lane be used without the direct presence of the Member.

2.3.1.d Guests remain the same for the duration of the event. In no case can a Member use the Friends For Live Lane with more than 3 different guests during an event.

2.3.1.e At the Friends For Live Lane, an employee of be•at will first check the Member Card of the participant. If it is valid, the ticket will be checked. If the participant brings guests with them along the Friends For Live Lane, the participant must be able to point them out personally to be•at staff at the time of checking.

2.3.1.f If the Member Card is not valid, use of the Friends For Live Lane will be refused and the visitor will be able to present himself with his valid admission ticket at the other public entrances of the Venue.

2.3.1.g The Member explicitly accepts that the Friends For Live Lane only provides access to a separate row for access control. The fact that this separate Friends For Live Lane is reserved for a limited group and Members can therefore, under normal circumstances, expect to enter the Venue more quickly, does not constitute a result commitment for be•at but only a means commitment.
Consequently, the Member accepts that no guarantee is given as to the duration of the access control. The Member must schedule sufficient time to go through this process. Be•at accepts no liability if a Member misses the start of the event due to the applicable entry control process.


2.3.2.a The personal Member Card can be used by Members as a contactless payment method at all bars and food outlets of the Venue.

2.3.2.b The Member Card can be recharged with an amount of your choice either (a) online, via this link, or (b) with a debit card or cash at the information desk in the Venue.

2.3.2.c The balance of the Member Card can be accessed either (a) via the ‘My Membership’ environment of the Programme website, or (b) via this link, or (c) at any bar and food stand in the Venue.


2.3.3.a Members are entitled to a 10% discount on drinks purchased at the Venue. The discount is applied only to orders of drinks paid for with the personal Member Card and provided it has an adequate balance.

2.3.3.b This discount is valid at all events in the Venues of be•at, except for (1) private events for which admission tickets are not sold publicly, (2) party events with buy-out of drinks, and (3) any event expressly excluded as such by be•at. Be•at may change an event’s participation in the Programme at any time.

2.3.3.c Discounts cannot be granted retroactively.

2.3.3.d Discounts are in no case transferable to third parties. Only the Member can redeem the discount with the personal Member Card.


2.3.4.a Be•at also occasionally offers additional discounts and promotions on its beverage and snack offerings. These deals are communicated through the Programme Communication and are redeemed in the same manner as the fixed discounts on beverages.

2.3.4.b Additional discounts and promotions are always limited in time and number. Be•at accepts no responsibility for the unavailability of a previously announced deal.


2.3.5.a Receiving Programme Communications is an integral part of the Programme. Upon registration, the Member accepts to receive these communications.

2.3.5.b Be•at can under no circumstances be held responsible for the submission by the Member of an incorrect mobile phone number, e-mail or postal address, which leads to an incorrect or unknown address of the Member, or for a failure of the network, hardware or software resulting in a limited or delayed provision of data by the Member.

2.3.5.c The Member has the right to unsubscribe from the Programme Communication. However, upon deregistration, the Member accepts the following consequences:

– that they will no longer be informed of certain Benefits to which they are entitled within the Programme.

– that certain Benefits will no longer be granted to the Member, such as but not exclusively the right to participate in presales.

Under no circumstances is be•at liable for the non-granting of Benefits after deregistration from the Programme communication by the Member.

2.3.5.d If the Member wishes to unsubscribe, the Member shall notify be•at in writing or through the Programme website.

2.3.5.e Be•at has the right, at its discretion, to choose the appropriate channel for any message it sends out within the Programme Communication.

2.3.5.f Be•at shall not be liable if Programme Communications are not delivered to the Member or are delivered late.




2.4.1.a Each Member will receive a personal Member Card after Registration. This card contains two unique identification numbers:

  • Card UUID (unique combination of 8 alphanumeric characters)
  • Card Number (unique combination of 9 digits).

2.4.1.b The Member Card of the Programme is both (a) a proof of participation in the Programme and (b) an NFC payment card that allows purchases to be made contactless within the closed-loop payment system of the Venues.


2.4.2.a The Card is delivered to the postal address provided by the Customer.

2.4.2.b Delivery to a valid postal address is only possible within the countries of the European Union and is carried out by bpost (and its international partners). Be•at will send the Card within a reasonable time after purchase but is in no way responsible for its timely delivery.

2.4.2.c Any visible damage and/or qualitative deficiency of the Card, must be reported by the Member(s) to the Customer Experience Centre without delay.

2.4.2.d If the delivery of the Card is delayed, or if the order cannot or can only be partially carried out, the Client will be informed thereof no later than one month after the order was placed. In that case, the Client has the right to request a new Card or revoke the purchase of the Membership (in accordance with the rules regarding revocation).


2.4.3.a When a card is received by the Member, it must be activated as soon as possible. This can be done via

2.4.3.b Only the Member for whom the Card is intended can activate the Card. This can be done by logging in with the Account and entering the two unique identification numbers. Given the personal nature of the Card, it is strictly prohibited to have it activated by third parties.

2.4.3.c An unactivated Card can under no circumstances be used to obtain Benefits.


2.4.4.a The risk due to loss or damage of the Card passes to the Member as soon as he/she takes physical possession of the Card.

2.4.4.b Any loss, theft or damage of the Card must be reported immediately to the Customer Experience Centre. Upon notification of loss, theft or damage of the Card by the Member, the Card will be replaced as soon as possible.

2.4.4.c Be•at is not liable for fraudulent use of the Card.

2.4.4.d In case the Member has not received the Card and still wants to use the benefits of the Programme in the Venue, they must contact the Customer Experience Centre.




3.1.a Be•at does not guarantee that the website will always be accessible. Be•at reserves the right to refuse access to the service (the website and/or Membership Benefits) temporarily or permanently, inter alia for security reasons. Be•at is not obliged to give reasons for such refusal.

3.1.b Be•at will make reasonable efforts to ensure that the Benefits proposed to Members are actually available. However, Be•at may unilaterally impose restrictions on the amount of Benefits available and cannot guarantee or warrant that all Benefits will always be available. A Member may therefore find that a particular Benefit is not available at a particular event. Be•at shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages suffered as a result of Benefits that are not or no longer available or change.

3.1.c Without prejudice to the preceding articles, the total liability of be•at in connection with or pursuant to a purchase under these terms and conditions shall in all cases be limited to the purchase price (excluding VAT) of the be•at product on which such liability is based, irrespective of whether such liability arises in contract, tort (including negligence), restitution, breach of statutory duty, misrepresentation or any other ground.



4.1.a All data collected in relation to the Programme is subject to the Programme’s Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of these Programme Rules and can be found on the Programme website. Upon registration, the Member is deemed to have read and accepted the Programme’s Privacy Policy.